How to Use Recovery Disk

How to Use Restore Disk

Need to find out how to use recovery disk software to restore your PC? Learn how to use rescue disk here! Discover how to use restore disk to fix your PC now!

One of the best ways to fix a messed up computer is to use the restore disk that came with your PC. These disks send your computer 'back in time' so that it's exactly like it was when you first bought it.

If you don't have a system restore CD, check out the Restore Computer to Factory Settings article

People often worry that they'll mess up doing this sort of repair, and they pay someone else to do it. But it's actually an easy job. Follow this guide and you should find it a simple and safe way of fixing all the annoying PC problems you have.

How To Use Restore Disk: Step #1, Preparation

1. This guide assumes you've followed the advice on the Preparing to Reinstall Windows guide.

2. To use the recovery disks, your computer will need to "boot" (i.e. load) off one of them. This means that when your computer is switched on, it will open software that's on one of the discsinstead of booting your computer's hard disk and loading the operating system that's installed on it (e.g. Windows XP).

Follow the link to learn how to boot from CD/DVD drive.

How To Use Recovery Disk: Step #2, Use the Recovery Disks

Once your computer has been configured to boot from the CD/DVD drive, you just need to insert your recovery CD/DVD into the drive and then switch your PC on and it should boot from the disc and the rescue software should load.

My Acer TravelMate laptop came with three rescue discs. One is labelled "System CD" and the other two are labelled "Recovery CD: Disk 1 of 2" and "Recovery CD: Disk 2 of 2".

The laptop would only boot from the System CD. The software then asks for discs 1 and 2 at later stages. So you may need to try booting from each of your discs before you are successful.

Once the recovery process has started, simply follow the on-screen instructions. At the end of the process, your computer should be exactly how it was the first time you switched it on.

This is how the process of using rescue discs looks on my Acer laptop:

How To Use Rescue Disk: Step #3, After Restoration

Your computer should now be fully restored. There's just a couple of things left to do...

1. Restore Personal Files

If you created a backup using Macrium Reflect earlier, extract the files you want from the backup image. Use this guide to learn how to restore files from a Macrium Reflect image.

Otherwise, drag-and-drop backed-up files from your backup device onto your computer.

2. Install Software

Install your favourite programs. Be sure to save time installing your favourite applications by using Ninite.

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