Computers Without Windows

Advantages of Computers Without Operating Systems

Learn about computers without Windows here! Find out why computers without operating systems are cheap. Discover the advantages of a PC without Windows installed.

Computers that come with Windows pre-installed cost more than those that come without it. So if you opt for a computer that comes without Windows you can save a lot of money.

Let's look at what the alternatives to Windows computers are. Then I'll show you why these computers cost less and how you can take advantage of this if you want to buy a new PC.

Alternatives to Windows Computers

Computers without Windows pre-loaded usually come as follows:

  1. Pre-installed with Linux (an alternative operating system)
  2. No operating system (one must be installed)

Linux is a very good, fully-featured alternative to Microsoft Windows:

linux mint desktop

Why are Linux and "No operating system" computers cheaper?

The reason why computers that come with Linux pre-installed - or those sold without an operating system - are cheaper is not because the hardware they come with is inferior. In fact they use exactly the same sorts of hardware that Windows computers use.

In the case of computers that come without an operating system, the computer can be sold cheaply because its manufacturers did not have to pay for a Windows license. Also, no effort is required on their part to install Windows.

The reason Linux computers are cheaper is not because Linux is inferior to Windows (because it's not). It's because the Linux operating system is free. It's written and updated by volunteer programmers from the world over who believe that software should not come at a cost. So, again, the cost of a Windows license is avoided.

Advantages of Computers Without Windows

The main advantages of computers that come without Windows pre-installed are:

  1. They're cheaper - check out the next section!

  2. Having made a saving, you can then install the operating system YOU want to use. For instance, Windows XP or SUSE Linux.

  3. Installing an operating system yourself will leave you with a leaner, cleaner and faster PC.

So if you're willing to install an operating system yourself, save money by buying a computer that comes with Linux - or one that comes without an operating system - then install the system you want to use.

Even if it's Microsoft Windows you want to use, you'll save money by installing it yourself. And most people already have a copy of Windows hanging around the house anyway, so what's the point of paying for it again courtesy of a new computer?

If the idea of installing an operating system yourself frightens you, rest assured, as it's easy! Find out how to install Windows and how to install Linux by following the links.

Price Savings

If you compare two new computers that have the same hardware specifications - except one has Windows pre-loaded and the other has no operating system installed - the price difference will often exceed $300!

In the price comparison below, the computer that comes without an operating system is £225 cheaper than the one that comes with Windows 7. That's a $350 saving! Yet they are essentially the same computer and they're even made by the same company.

price comparison of windows PCs vs computers with no operating system

Both have the same dual core 3.0 GHz CPU, a 1TB hard disk, 8GB of RAM and a DVD writer. And that really is the nuts and bolts of the whole machine.

It would probably take just 20 minutes to install Windows 7 onto the cheaper PC. And yet, by taking this "do it yourself" route, you would save $350.

Computers Without Windows: No Bloatware

Another reason to buy a computer that comes without Windows pre-loaded on it is because manufacturers often overload new computers with tons of poor quality software. For instance, cheap and hardware-hungry security software.

All of this extra software is, of course, designed to make computer offers seem more attractive. The trouble is, this additional software slows computers down and nobody ever uses any of it. Plus, none of this free/bundled software is really free. The overall cost of the computer will be higher than if it wasn't included.

Installing the operating system yourself avoids the problems just discussed. And it results in a clean and quick computer. And from this great starting point, you only install software that you'll actually use.

However, if you don't want the hassle of installing an operating system yourself - and if Windows is familiar to you - there is no shame in getting a new computer that's pre-loaded with Windows. It's just it will cost more and the computer may be loaded with a lot of software you'll end up removing.

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