Best Free Anti Spyware

Top 5 Free Malware Removal Tools

Looking for the best free anti spyware software? Take a look at these fab free malware removal tools!

Free Malware Remover: #1 SUPERAntiSpyware

First up is my favourite, SUPERAntiSpyware!

The paid-for version offers real-time protection from spyware threats but this is not included in the free edition. So, SUPER Anti Spyware is more of a spyware cure than a spyware protector.


  • SUPERAntiSpyware installs quickly
  • Updates are issued almost daily
  • Updates are quick to apply
  • The interface is simple and easy to use, yet the software is also highly configurable


  • Several features are visible in the free edition that can only be used by licensed users.
  • Real-time protection is unavailable in the free edition.

Download SUPERAntiSpyware (opens in a new window)

Best Free Anti Spyware: #2 Spybot - Search & Destroy

Next up is Spybot S&D. Spybot is made up of three parts:

  1. A thorough spyware scanner, able to find and remove spyware already living on your computer.
  2. An impressive immunisation tool. This is basically a huge list of websites that are known to be dangerous, which Spybot S&D blocks access to. The list is regularly updated.

  3. Spybot also has a tool named 'Resident TeaTimer'. Essentially, this is a "live" version of the spyware scanner. Its job is to immediately detect if spyware comes into contact with your computer and protect you from it if it does.
spybot search and destroy


  • There is no paid-for version of Spybot S&D which means there are no 'greyed out' or unavailable features, as there are in many similar products.
  • It's highly configurable. (If you love being able to set every last detail in a piece of software, you'll love Spybot!)
  • The Spybot interface supports a large number of languages.
  • The immunisation tool is very effective.
spybot search and destroy immunizer


  • The update process is quite cumbersome. Firstly, there is no automatic update. You must check for updates yourself.
  • Secondly, when you choose to update Spybot you have to pick a server to download the update from. This is fine, except time-outs are common and it's sometimes necessary to try several different servers before you are able to successfully update the software.
  • The update process itself can be very slow.

Download Spybot S&D (opens in a new window)

Free Malware Remover: #3 Ad-Aware Internet Security

Next on the list of Best Free Anti Spyware tools is Ad-Aware.

Ad-Aware comprises of a spyware scanner to remove spyware currently living on your computer, and real-time protection to stop threats as they hit your computer.


  • Real-time protection keeps you safe while you're online. The paid-for version of Ad-Aware also includes live protection for files, Windows' registry and networks.
  • The "TrackSweep" tool erases tracks left behind after you surf the web.
  • Ad-Aware has a simple and clean interface, making it super easy to use. But for those who want to fiddle, you can switch to "Advanced mode" where - amongst other things - you can set up scheduled scans.
adaware pro security


  • Installation time is lengthy compared to its competitors.
  • The update process can be time-consuming.

Download Ad-Aware (opens in a new window)

Anti Malware Software: #4 Malwarebytes

Next up is Malwarebytes. Like SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes is a spyware scanner, with real-time protection available only to paying customers. So it's more a spyware cure, than spyware prevention.


  • Malwarebytes installs quickly.
  • The interface is clean and easy to use.


  • Some features are visible, yet only available for use by licensed users.
  • Malwarebytes free edition does not include real-time protection.

Download Malwarebytes (opens in a new window)

Free Antivirus Spyware: #5 SpywareBlaster

The final entry on this list of the best free anti spyware tools is SpywareBlaster.

SpywareBlaster is different to the apps reviewed above as it doesn't include a scanning tool to look for spyware that might already be living on your computer. What is it then?


SpywareBlaster is like the "immunisation tool" that's part of Spybot S&D. It has a built-in list of sites that are known to be dangerous, and its sole function is to prevent access to them.

SpywareBlaster protects against far fewer dangerous sites than Spybot S&D does. But many of the sites it protects against are not protected by Spybot, so using both products is sensible.

Download SpywareBlaster (opens in a new window)

Best Free Anti Spyware: Summary

If you scan your computer for viruses using AVG and it finds none, it's unlikely that a scan using Avira will suddenly turn up lots. Spyware is a different game and it seems to be much trickier to discover.

In my experience, each spyware scanner you run will usually find something that another did not. As a result - and unlike with anti-virus software - it's actually best to use more than one spyware scanner.

My advice is to use ONE spyware scanner that has real-time protection (either Spybot or Ad-Aware) and use the other tools (e.g. SUPERAntiSpyware) for occasional scans, to maximise the amount of spyware you're able to find and remove.

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